Before Your Surgery

The Day before your Surgery

It is crucial that you do not eat or drink anything, including water, after midnight, the night before your surgery — unless you are directed to do so by a staff member at the South Bend Specialty Surgery Center or your surgeon. Food in the stomach can cause serious complications during anesthesia. This would require the surgeon to cancel or postpone your surgery. Avoid alcohol and tobacco for 24 hours prior to your surgery.

If you are taking medication for high blood pressure, diabetes, nervous disorders, blood thinners, or aspirin, ask your doctor about these medications and how they relate to your procedure.

For women, if you are pregnant, or think you may be pregnant, please notify your surgeon immediately. If you develop a cold, fever, respiratory infection or other illness prior to surgery, please call your doctor or the South Bend Specialty Surgery Center.

Arrange for a Ride ahead of Time

You will not be allowed to drive yourself home following surgery. Arrange for a responsible friend or family member to drive you home and stay at the surgery center from the time of your appointment to the time you are discharged.

The Night before your Surgery

Eating, Drinking and Medications

For reasons of safety it is important to limit the intake of food and fluids before anesthesia and surgery.

Patients may eat their regular diet until midnight. After midnight you must not eat or drink anything – unless you are directed to do so by a staff member at South Bend Specialty Surgery Center or your surgeon.

Patients having a history of heartburn, esophageal reflux, hiatal hernia, gastroparesis or similar conditions which impair gastric emptying should have no solid food after midnight.

Patients, parents and families should be very careful to read, understand and follow these guidelines. Doing so helps to ensure the comfort and safety of all patients.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in cancellation of the planned surgery for safety reasons. During anesthesia, the presence of food or liquid in the stomach may lead to potentially life threatening pneumonia should the contents enter into your lungs.

Before You Arrive for Surgery

Preoperative health questionnaire

Your treating physician’s staff may provide you with a patient health questionnaire. The forms are very important as they help us to plan your care and save you time during your preoperative phone call and on the day of your admission to the center.

Preoperative phone call

One of our nurses will call you prior to your visit, usually one to two days prior to your surgery. We will confirm your arrival time, provide directions to the South Bend Specialty Surgery Center and answer your questions. We will also discuss any health issues indicated on your patient health questionnaire or obtain a health history if you have not already returned your health questionnaire. The preoperative call nurse will also emphasize the importance of adhering to our No Eating and Drinking requirements.

Changes in your health

If you notice a change in your health (i.e., cough, cold, fever, etc.) it is IMPORTANT to notify your physician and the South Bend Specialty Surgery Center before your scheduled surgery date.

Surgery Checklist

  • Call your physician immediately if you notice a change in your health between the time you saw your surgeon and the day of your procedure
  • Eat a light dinner the evening before your surgery. Do not eat anything after midnight. Follow the eating, drinking and medication instructions provided by the surgery center.

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

  • Have a responsible adult accompany you to the center, stay in the facility and drive you home following your surgery. Your surgery cannot proceed without your companion.

  • Bring your medical insurance cards.

  • Bring containers to store your contacts, eyeglasses, hearing aid, etc.

  • Do not bring jewelry or other valuables, including wedding bands or body piercing.

  • Do not wear makeup, hairpins, nail polish, body powder, or contact lenses if possible.

Surgery Pricing

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