Surgical Specialties

South Bend Specialty Surgery Center in Granger, Indiana is a multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center. Outpatient surgery in an ambulatory surgery center allows for considerable cost savings to the patient in a friendly and low-stress environment compared to a traditional hospital setting. Each year, more and more surgical procedures are moving out of hospital operating rooms and into speciality surgery centers due to the numerous benefits to the patient and physicians alike.

South Bend Specialty Surgery Center currently offers many surgical procedures in the following speciatlies:


Otolaryngology is commonly referred to as ENT — meaning ears, nose, throat — but includes multiple areas of the head and neck. Common ENT outpatient procedures include thyroid gland removal, sinus surgery, tonsil removal (Tonsillectomy) and eardrum repair.

Hand Surgery

Common hand surgeries include carpal tunnel release, Dupuytren’s contracture surgery, cyst removal, trigger finger release and De Quervain’s tendinosis surgery.

Pain Management

Pain management and physical medicine and rehabilitation relates to a group of procedures, often minimally invasive, to treat chronic pain. This often includes epidural steroid injections, facet joint injections, radiofrequency nerve ablations and spinal cord stimulators.


Podiatric surgery relates to numerous foot and ankle procedures. Some common procedures include bunionectomy, hammer toe surgery, heel spur removal, tendon repair and reconstructive surgery.